Kick the plastic bag (xgreatgrrl) wrote in stan_letters,
Kick the plastic bag

This looks like a job for me.

Dear Eminem,

Your performance with Elton John...what can I say? How thought provoking! We never know exactly what you're thinking do we! Perhaps a blatant homophobe or Eltons toy on the side? You crazy kid you. Same with the whole Kim deal, notorious wife beater or a feminist? Oh Eminem you! ( cept of course I like to call you just "Em" it's so much more friendly and personal don't you think?)

One more question. Do two trailer park girls really go round the outside? Round the outside? And why do you have to write a song about coming back on every new album you make? We know you're comin back bud (unfortunately), don't need to tell us. Har har!

Your notorious use of the word "fag" is also much appreciated!

3 cheers for Em!



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