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the ultimate Stan letter


I had always known EMinem was brilliant...

...but I had NO IDEA he was also hot.

see, I have been more or less in love with Eminem ever since, oh, 2000 or even before. but the reason I haven't Googled him or even known what he looked like until very very recently is that I have a thing agaisnt "meeting my heroes". you could say. some people I love their art or work so much that anything I learn about them will cheapen my rose-tinted mental image of them. like I had this image of Amy Lee that was so beautiful, and then I found that her personality comes close to it but her appearance is nowhere close. and that broke my heart. and the Harry Potter characters in the movies- that's why I don't like watching the movies of my favorite books. and the picture in my head of Eminem was quite pretty. but then I saw 8-Mile and it not only equalled my mental image- it raised it.
No photo can do justice to him. I stared at the TV screen while watching the DVD and just stared and stared. I worship him. I do. I worship every angle of his perfect fine face, the amazing soulful blue of his eyes, ever expression, his walk, the way he dresses in 8-Mile, just the general aura of depth about him. not to mention his physique. but I've google imagesearched him a lot and none of the pictures can remotely do justice. so many times while watching the movie I just wanted to hug him, just to hold him and tell him it would all be okay.
in actuality I'm closer to Hailie Jade's age than I am to Marshall's. he's like 34, she's 11 and I'm 18. but I don't care- lie I said, it makes a lot more sense than people's insane obsession with the fiftyish-year-old Johnny Depp. besides, he's just so FINE not in the dirty sense- I'm talking everything about him. His minbd too, mainly his mind. a lot of rappers like Ludakris have a style which is basically just crude- there's sort of a rough appeal to it, but the rhymes aren't perfect, the rhythm isn't perfect, it isn't complex. it's simple, it's roughly hewn, and cool in its own way. but Eminem- he's just exquisite. in all senses of the word. so many layers of his style, and the deeper you dig, the more intricate and beautiful it gets. there's a degree of perfection to hs rhymes, to the expression of his emotions, to the emotions theselves that can't possibly be equalled by someone like, say, Lil John. he's just- perfect. even his tattoos are exquisite. there's nothing lukewarm about him- everything is chiselled and intense.
wow. this is like the ultimate Stan letter.
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