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Dear Eminem,

I wish you didn't remind me of my exboyfriend, because everytime I see you on tv or everytime I listen to you, it reminds me of him, and it drives me nuts because I severely dislike HIM but I am totally in awe of you.

I know in that picture he looks nothing like you, because he's pulling a face, but I SWEAR it's almost scary how much alike you are.

He WALKS like you, he acts like you (to an extent), and when he talks to me, I can see so many similarities in the face that it scares me. Blue eyes, same nose, same mouth, same hair.... And the fact that he worships you doesn't help much.

I like listening to you, but it's bringing too much stuff back from the past. How the hell can I break you away from my ex? It's been 3 months already. Grrr...

<3 Ryder
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eminem can do that to ppl. even when he looks like their ex. i dont know how i would be able to handle that cuz i am crazy over eminem!!!!!!!!!!Good Luck
like he says, "dont compare me, im better off just left alone"

yeah, I posted this over a year and a half ago.

I have a new boyfriend... who looks nothing like Eminem.

So this post is redundant.