rebecca anne (nerdcorefever) wrote in stan_letters,
rebecca anne

new comments!

thanks sharpconformist!

I made the new comments to better glorify the shady name!

I wanted the counter to say "__ trailor park girl(s) go 'round the outside," but I didn't know how to make a word in the middle of a phrase plural, only words at the end...but that ended up solving a problem because I couldn't figure out what to put in the "comments" part, and "go 'round the outside" kind of sounded like a way to say "comment," so that's how that happened.

but, yay!
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dear becky,

your comment idea is excellent.
I had ovulating on my interests and I was the only one and then you put it on yours!! I have to be original~~ I demand you take that off...jk...but seriously feel free to take that off your interests...okay dont kill me for this comment
dude, i'm keeping's a funny part of an eminem song and the other devoted member of this community would be pissed too if i remove it. i respect your right to individuality but that word is logically an intrest in our community and wasn't thrown in there at random.


January 16 2003, 18:18:51 UTC 14 years ago

A haiku

If you knew music,
you'd know that Rivers Cuomo
is the best by far.